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  Vector Research - Global Technologies.

VRG’s goal is to provide unique products in the fields of biotechnology and medical devices (e.g. microbiological testing), genomics, pharmaceuticals (e.g. topical enzyme complexes, enzymatic debriding ointments and dressings, antiviral products, site-specific covalent incorporation of radioactive label in antitumor antibodies for the treatment of cancers), protein synthesis (protease for fusion expressing systems), and services such as contracted bio-remediation (remediation of contaminated water, soil and air / environmental protection).

We anticipate submitting applications for FDA approval during the 1st quarter of 2002 regarding microbiological testing and topical medications. VRG anticipates offering its first products immediately after FDA approvals consisting of anthrax test kits and topical skin products for the treatment of acne, pressure ulcers and folliculitis.

Anthrax test kit:

Provides a sensitive, specific, simple, quick (six minute), cost effective test for the presence of anthrax bacteria. Utilizes lateral-flow immunochromatography (LFIC). This product is for environmental testing only and not for use with humans nor human specimens.

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